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We take the time to get to know you. At our clinics, you can relax knowing that we will treat you like family. For your convenience, we are open 6 days a week. We also offer direct billing to your insurance company. Our goal is to make your dental experience as smooth and easy as possible.
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About us

SmileCrafters is pleased to work with families in the Hamilton, Toronto, and Brantford areas.

At SmileCrafters Dental®, we take a sincere interest in our patients’ needs. We make the time to listen to your concerns and always pursue excellence in the dental care we provide. We are happy to provide our patients with all the services they may require in a single dental office, including emergency dentistry, dental/oral surgery, IV and oral sedation, dental implants (implant surgery and implant prosthetics), ZOOM® whitening, cosmetic and family dentistry.

  • Direct Billing
  • Senior Discount
  • Open 6 Days a Week
  • Emergency Services


We offer a whole range of treatments for you and your family to meet your dental needs.

A comprehensive wellness visit with a comfortable cleaning, x-rays, and a personalized exam. We cover everything from root canals to dentures and white fillings. 

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Let us put the sparkle back into your teeth, with our easy non-invasive method. We offer in-office whitening with the industry leading Phillips Zoom, as well as take-home kits and teeth bleaching.

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Maybe you need some white fillings, a crown, bridge, veneer, or you’d like to get rid of some staining. We can make you look good and feel good!

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Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from regular dental care any longer! If you or someone you know has a high level of anxiety about visiting the dentist, hates needles, does not enjoy the noises and smells associated with a dental office, or are ashamed or embarrassed by their teeth, they may be a candidate for sleep or sedation dentistry.

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We offer everything from simple to complex tooth removals, gum grafting, bone grafting, sinus lift, pocket reduction surgery, and more. 

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Beautiful, long-lasting implants that transform your bite and your smile. We offer all types of dental implants including All-on-4, which uses a set of fixed dental implants that are embedded in the patient’s jaw in order to provide a firm and solid platform to hold the set of replacement teeth. 

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From unsightly gaps to creating the proper alignment and harmony leaving you with a full, bright smile.

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Does your gummy smile concern you? Or embarrass you? Maybe we can help!
A smile is considered a gummy when the appearance of the upper teeth is overshadowed by an excessive amount of gum tissue.

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We care for your kids! We are passionate about promoting good oral health and comprehensive dental care starting from infancy, all the way to adulthood. We believe in preventative dental care, to help kids have healthy teeth from the beginning.

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Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars people get in their late teens or early twenties. They can be fully impacted, partially impacted or fully erupted. Poor alignment of wisdom teeth can crowd or damage adjacent teeth, the jawbone, or nerves.

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Botox® is as alternative treatment for TMJ disorders and associated jaw tension and pain. 

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Other Treatments

We offer a full range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic services.
  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Extractions
  • Dental Surgery
  • And more
Don’t see what you need? Chances are we do it. Give us a call at (905) 648-0550

At SmileCrafters, we will care for you as we do our own family. We take pride in every smile we create and every tooth we treat. Our goal is to provide you with excellent and comprehensive dental care for you and your family.


We only hire 5%
of clinical candidates

When we hire dentists and hygienists, we aren’t looking for good, or great. We’re looking for extraordinary. 

We practice
informed dentistry

SmileCrafters providers stay up to date on the latest research and advances in dentistry to provide you excellent science-based care. 

We want you to
look forward
to the dentist

With your teeth and tongue, you eat and talk. With your lips and gums, you kiss and smile confidently. People really care about their mouths. 
Some say they don’t like going to the dentist. Lack of trust, feeling judged, financial barriers, discomfort and anxiety are the main reasons people avoid dentists. 

We recognize these frustrations. 
We want your dental experience to be exceptional, from the moment you enter our offices to the time your care is complete. 

We want to earn your trust by listening to your concerns and explaining our approach to treatment in a science-based way.
We have created a judgment-free zone and an environment that soothes, and products that delight.
We want you to feel amazing about your oral wellness. Not just twice a year when you visit us, but every time you take a bite, tell a joke, laugh, or share a kiss.

Only the latest &
best technology

We use advanced proven technology to keep your smile looking the best! Our clinics have modern dental technology including digital x-rays (that won’t poke the roof of your mouth!), in-house CBCT imaging (to allow for less invasive and more efficient surgeries than ever before), and 3D scanners (that help us craft finer same-day restorations). All of these services allow us to deliver more beautiful aesthetics, and make your experience more comfortable!

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