Gummy Smile Treatment

Does your gummy smile concern you? Or embarrass you? A smile is considered a gummy when the appearance of the upper teeth is overshadowed by an excessive amount of gum tissue.

What causes a gummy smile?

Hypermobile Upper Lip

This is when your upper lip rises higher than normal due to a very strong muscle pull.

Abnormal Eruption of Teeth

his could be delayed active or delayed passive eruption.

Skeletal Deformity

Excessive size of the maxilla (in vertical dimension).

Treatment options

Your gummy smile treatment will depend on your diagnosis. These are the common treatment options:

Non-surgical treatment

  • Botox injection for hypermobile lip.

Surgical Anterior crown lengthening (gum lift)

  • Local anesthesia will be given. Precise measurements of the final desired length of your teeth will be made and the tissue will be sculpted in a minimally invasive fashion to create a more beautiful and harmonious smile with less gum displayed.

Surgical lip repositioning

  • Local anesthesia will be given. The extent of the surgical site will be marked. A small incision will be made and a minimal amount of tissue will be removed.

Gum lift (aesthetic crown lengthening), veneers, and crowns

Botox® injection for gummy smile

Aesthetic crown lengthening after Invisalign treatment 

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