Full mouth reconstruction with veneers, crowns, and two dental implants to rehabilitate severely worn-down teeth.

Four crowns completed on teeth with large severely discoloured fillings.

Invisalign® treatment and whitening completed in 8 months.

Sixteen veneers to create a fresh, new smile.

Upper arch reconstruction with four dental implants and eight crowns to replace missing and worn-down teeth.

Old upper left central incisor implant crown was replaced with a hybrid bridge connecting the upper left central incisor implant to the new left lateral incisor implant to create a more aesthetic smile.

Two implants and a four-unit implant-supported bridge placed to replace patient’s partial denture that was worn for over 30 years.

Invisalign® treatment done in 11 months to correct for crowding of teeth.

Two implants and an implant-supported bridge done to replace three missing teeth.

Gum graft done on lower front teeth to improve gum quality and correct recession.

Gum graft done to correct for severe recession on the upper right side.

Ten crowns done to restore heavily decayed teeth.