Laugh Out Loud At The Dentist- Ask Us About Laughing Gas!!

What is Nitrous Oxide? Nitrous is a colourless gas that is slightly sweet smelling, non-irritating which you can breathe, it is often referred to as laughing gas. It has been the main way of sedation in dentistry for many years. It is safe, the patient receives 50-70% oxygen with no less than 30% nitrous oxide. […]

FREE SPORTS GUARD!!! Play It Safe By Having Your Kids Wear Mouth Guards!

FREE SPORTS GUARD!!! Play It Safe By Having Your Kids Wear Mouth Guards! FREE SPORTS GUARD  With your complete examination, x-rays and dental cleaning. Dental injuries are the most common type of facial injury in sports; and as you get your children ready for their winter sport(s) activities, a mouth guard should be at the top […]


FLOURLESS SUGAR-FREE CHOCOLATE TORTE! Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from the fibrous parts of plants. It does not break down like sugar and can help keep a neutral pH level in the mouth. Xylitol also prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth. Why not incorporate xylitol into your favourite desert? At SmileCrafters™ Dental, we believe in […]

6 Dental Hygiene Tips

Regular Brushing & Flossing Brushing twice a day to prevent acid buildup which can happen from the breakdown of food by bacteria. Flossing is a chore that many people don’t want to spend the time doing, however it is very important to your oral health. Flossing reaches areas between the teeth that the bristles from your toothbrush […]

How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity?

What causes tooth sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity occurs when the enamel that protects our teeth gets thinner, or when gum recession occurs, exposing the underlying surface, the dentin, thus, reducing the protection the enamel and gums provide to the tooth and root. Signs & Symptoms If hot, cold, sweet or very acidic foods and drinks, or […]

How to pick the right toothbrush for my family!

What are you doing wrong while brushing your teeth?  Mistake No. 1: Wrong brush Brushing your teeth should feel comfortable: consider the size of your mouth and the size and comfort of the toothbrush handle.  What is important when buying a toothbrush? Bristles that are too stiff can aggravate the gums. We always recommend a […]

Acid attacks / caries process

Throughout the day, a tug of war takes place inside our mouths. On one team are dental plaque—plus foods and drinks that contain sugar or starch (such as milk, bread, cookies, candy, soda, juice, and many others). When we eat or drink something that contains sugar or starch, the bacteria use them to produce acids. […]


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