What are dentures?

  • A denture is a replacement for missing teeth.
  • Complete dentures replace all teeth and removable partial dentures replace some teeth.

What are the benefits of dentures?

  • By matching each individual’s unique smile and bite, dentures can improve facial appearance and self-confidence.
  • Dentures can improve speech problems caused by missing teeth and will improve chewing.
  • The number and location of missing teeth can affect the comfort and stability of your removable partial denture.
  • In many cases, your complete denture or partial denture needs to be supported by dental implants.

The procedure

  • The dentist makes a mold of your gums and submits the mold to a dental laboratory.
  • Over a series of 3-4 visits, the dentist will take a bite record. Then you will return for a teeth try-in visit to make sure you are satisfied prior to denture processing.
  • Once you are fully satisfied, the dentist will instruct the lab to process your dentures and you will return for a denture insertion visit once the dental laboratory fabricates your dentures.

How can I request an appointment? 

  • Call SmileCrafters DentalTM at 905 648 0550 to see if a removable partial denture or complete denture will satisfy your needs, and to book your FREE dentures consultation.