What is a dental bridge?

  • A dental bridge is an alternative to dental implants when replacing a missing tooth.
  • It connects the teeth on either side of a missing tooth (known as “abutments”) with a “pontic” tooth that ends up replacing the missing tooth.

What are the benefits of bridges?

  • Restores tooth function.
  • Restores and enhances tooth appearance.

The procedure

  • Under local anesthesia, the teeth on both sides of the space left by a missing tooth are prepared for a bridge.
  • An impression of the prepared tooth is taken and sent to our dental laboratory for a fixed bridge. In the meantime, will have a temporary bridge for 1 week.
  • Once the bridge is fabricated, it will be inserted in place of the temporary bridge at your next visit (one week later).

How can I request an appointment? 

  • Call SmileCrafters DentalTM at 905 648 0550 to find out how you can benefit from a dental bridge and to book your FREE bridge consultation.